14 March 2011

Tap, Tap, Tap. . . Is This Thing On?

Well, if no one is out there, I completely understand. After all, I haven't posted anything in almost (gasp) two years, and even my mother has removed this link from her site. If that isn't a sign of doom, I don't know what is.

So, to anyone who does happen upon my blog and this post, well, I'm not going to apologize for abandoning the blog for so long. I had nothing I desired to expound upon, and my writing had greatly diminished for a while.

But now, I'm back. I think. And this time look for musings on photography, music and literature, with smatterings of other stuff tossed in for fun.


Jeannette said...

I guess I just forfeited the mother of the year award again! lol! However, I want you to know that I did not remove you from Google Reader, so I am still tracking you. Love you, Mom

Eowyn's Heir said...

I kept you in Google Reader, too... ya! glad you're back! :)